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Beautiful West Palm Beach

Welcome to the beautiful state of Florida. Gosh it is so beautiful here. Vince and I are on a business trip in West Palm Beach and Miami this week. Due to his wealth management business, he often commutes between Dallas and Florida with a lot of clients in both locales.

I use to live in San Diego. and I spent 10 years living by the beach in a city where the average temperature was 70 degrees year round. It definitely makes one spend a large part of your life outside when you live in a place with such great temperatures. I loved the weather. Growing up in Flint Michigan, I had become very familiar with ice and snow and all 4 seasons. California changed the way I lived. I became so accustomed to living most of my life outdoors that I still , even now, spend a lot of time outside.

Lifestyles change depending upon where you live. Even though I've only lived in Michigan, Dallas and San Diego- I feel like I've lived in a-lot more cities than that- since I've traveled so much and commuted to and from business cities in states across the nation. I believe I've visited almost every state in the nation over the last 15 years. I commuted to Seattle for 7 years, and spent every other week for 7 years in Seattle. I also spent a lot of time in Boston and Atlanta, major offices for IDX Systems. I enjoy exploring different regions of the globe. Today I'm enjoying the sun in Florida and watching the sun bathers. Enjoy wherever you are today!

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